Top 5 tips on selecting a commercial builder

Top 5 tips on selecting a commercial builder

Selecting an experienced, reliable commercial builder is essential to the success of commercial development projects. Choosing the wrong builder results in delays, financial loss, frustration and a hasty choice of a second builder (not ideal). We want to equip you with some tips on how to evaluate your commercial builder candidates, what to look for when selecting the company that you’ll be putting your money and trust into. Here are five of our top tips on selecting a commercial builder in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

1. Experience

Cliché but true, experience is key. There are countless benefits of hiring a company with over a decade worth of experience. Here are a couple to consider.

  • Experienced business would have trialled and errored. Most businesses will hit some bumps along the way, a company with more experience is likely to have been through some more difficult times, and come out the other end stronger and better.
  • The experienced company would have grown significantly at some and now has the necessary business processes in place ensuring no internal issues will impact on your project.
  • Lengthy experience within the industry will allow your commercial builder to liaise and negotiate with Local Authorities. This is important in order to provide a smooth transition through the approval process of all development applications. This also eliminates a factor of building delay, as all approvals need to come through before construction can begin.
  • Their employees have been with the company for a decent amount of time, this increases the chance of the company having hard working, intelligent employees.

Top 5 tips on selecting a commercial builder 
Top 5 tips on selecting a commercial builder

2. Strong industry alliances

Strong industry alliances are a significant benefit for a Gold Coast or Brisbane construction company to have. A company that has forged strong alliances in the industry with Planners, Consultants and Trade Contractors, allows each project to be tailored to meet the specific needs of clients. This allows the company to advise on solutions to specific problems throughout all stages of a project. This includes the inception and Development Applications all the way through to Design Management, Project Management and Construction.

3. Integrated services

The best type of construction company for commercial projects is one that isn’t just a construction company. Aim to hire a company that is multi-faceted. Companies that offer integrated services, allow for a seamless transition between tasks and project phases. Internal communication sees that all team members are up to speed and carries through the client specifications from start to finish.

Commercial builders with integrated services have the ability to provide professional input from Design Concepts, Site and Master Planning through to individual Building Design.

This allows the company to assist you in achieving your desired overall development outcomes from an early stage. At PPS, we utilise our different services to provide practical solutions to the design and building aspects of each project combining affordability and efficiency with a quality of workmanship.

Top 5 tips on selecting a commercial builder

4. Licenses and qualifications

Reliable and honest companies should hold various licenses and qualifications. You may have an idea of what requirements the company you’re looking for should have based on the scope of your project. However, make sure you clarify with your potential company whether they have the qualifications needed for the project. Some examples of good licenses for the commercial builder to have is:

  • PQC Level 2 Contractor with the Queensland State Government;
  • Medium Rise License;
  • Open Construction License.

5. Innovative

Innovation is often overlooked when choosing a commercial builder, however, it is more important than you may think. For a company to have the most recent construction technology, methodology and best practices, the company needs to value innovation. Innovation goes hand in hand with development. An important aspect of innovation in the commercial construction industry is sustainable development techniques and environmentally conscious products. If the commercial builder you choose puts effort into those areas and values innovation, that should be a big tick off your checklist.

At PPS, we are experts in design, construction and project management. Our company has been providing high-quality work over the last 15 years, which is proven by our repeat client base.

PPS utilises our experience within the industry and understanding of our client’s needs to produce final products of high quality with a service that is seamless, on time, and to the client’s budget objectives. We are ultimately a relationship focused contractor, with an ability to deliver a wide variety of construction projects including; Residential Developments, Industrial and Commercial Buildings and Educational Facilities.

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